First Court: Settling Disputes Quickly



Quickly settling lawsuits is easy -- but ONLY if you can talk comfortably with the financial decision maker on the other side. Relationships first, settlements second.

A video exchange is the quickest and best way to develop a constructive relationship with the key people on the other side of your cases.  That's why we recommend you first take 8-10 minutes to produce an Intro Video.  It will serve as your professional calling card -- and enables you to weigh the demeanor of your counterparts as they introduce themselves to you. 

(Note:  If time is short and you need to quickly settle a specific case, please Contact Us.)

Relationships first, settlements second. Welcome to First Court!


Our clients value our work.

First Court is my first choice for jury research. The blunt feedback has been extremely valuable in making realistic evaluations on some of our most significant cases.
— Kevin Taylor—Taylor|Anderson—Denver, CO
In 18 minutes we settled the case. It was astounding. There is really no risk because we never disclosed our numbers. For something that is as inexpensive, efficient, and effective as this was—you have got to try it.
— Jason Cohn—Cohn & Swartzon—Santa Ana, CA
I have worked with Mike Liffrig at First Court on over a dozen private trials since 1998. Mike is always willing to be flexible and accommodate the clients special needs on any given case. I have known him to work through the night to make sure the client is satisfied and the project is not only done right but on time and within budget.
— Jerry Galante—Plunkett Cooney—Bloomfield, MI
I found First Court to be sound in its preparation; perceptive in its identification of the key jury issues; effective in its use of current technology; and professional in its demeanor while managing the presentation of the case.
— Chris Dougherty—Marshall Dennehey—Philadelphia, PA
First Court conducted the trial in an efficient, professional and meaningful manner. First Court provided guidance and thoughtful questions for the jurors that resulted in helpful feedback that assisted my client in making decisions concerning further handling of their litigation. I would highly recommend allowing First Court to guide you through the experience.
— Rick Lind—Lind Jensen Sullivan & Peterson—Minneapolis, MN
First Court is a first class organization that provides an accurate portrait of how a jury might view the issues in a case, as well as the lawyers, the law and important witnesses. The technology used to record observations of the panels provides unique insight into areas of a party’s case that need to be improved, and allow clients to make a meaningful analysis of their risk and exposure at trial.
— Jim Summers—Allen|Summers—Memphis, TN