Settlement Testing In Action


1. Test your numbers

In 18 minutes both sides will see how close they are to settling through our online negotiating tool—without needing to reveal a single number to the other side.

When the settlement gap turns out to be small, we encourage both sides to pick up the phone and settle, confident in the knowledge that their real settlement positions are actually quite close.

Price: $495 for each party—a fraction of the cost of a traditional mediation.


2. ...If Testing Shows an Impasse 

When the settlement gap turns out to be large, the parties answer five diagnostic questions. We see where the parties are missing each other, and then produce a creative Impasse Breaking plan.

  • Impasse Breakers focus on the real issue preventing settlement.

  • You may review the Plan without any obligation.

  • The Plan spells out all costs, which vary with each case.

Interactive Demo

Not sure if you're ready? Want to practice first? Try an interactive demo of Settlement Testing.