Damages < $100,000*? Close in 30 Days.

* Based on Plaintiff's estimate, assuming damages at 100% liability


It usually takes savvy plaintiff attorneys and experienced claim handlers about five minutes to gain a good read on the value of their important smaller cases. Traditional mediation is too expensive here. And litigation is even worse!

What these negotiators need is a quick and safe opportunity to see how close their ultimate numbers are. Welcome to Settlement Testing™!

How it Works

Our clients report that their Testing sessions are interesting negotiating events...for the whole office! More importantly, they realize the process is completely safe...the other side never even sees your numbers.

Bottom line: the process is safe and extremely low cost. You have nothing to lose - and a fair settlement to gain - by trying this simple and innovative negotiation tool.


Before you use Testing on a real client's case, you will want to get comfortable with the process by using it in a fake case. That's the reason for schedule your short demo:

Case Finder

Because Settlement Testing™ is new, some clients have struggled to identify their first few cases suitable for the process. The Case Calculator helps you distinguish cases appropriate for testing from those cases where Testing should be avoided.



Settlement Testing™ takes 18 minutes of your time. It requires no travel. And it costs only $495 per party.

Your Pilot Program

We encourage those representing both plaintiffs and defendants to try Settlement Testing ™ in a ten-case Pilot Program.  Typically our Pilots run around three months. The goal is to allow your organization to see how Settlement Testing works in a variety of case settings, what you like and dislike about the process, and when it can be used to save the most time, money and stress.


As part of the pilot program First Court is willing to conduct a 45-minute lunch-time webinar to quickly share with those in your organization all the information they need to use Settlement Testing effectively. The webinar also shows participants how to select cases most appropriate for the process.


First Court waives the Testing fees on all ten cases (under $100,000) for organizations successfully completing the pilot program within the three-month window!


For more information please contact Mike Liffrig, our Senior Counsel, at:

                [email protected]

                Tel 701-204-735