Damages < $1 Million*? Close in 90 Days.

* Based on Plaintiff's estimate, assuming damages at 100% liability


Litigation delays and costs challenge parties on both sides of our most important cases. Experienced and savvy negotiators are now agreeing pro-actively to Information Sharing and Reality-Based Settlements - before the litigation behemoth takes on a life of its own.

The result? MASSIVE savings of time, money, and energy. For everyone.

Opening the Doors: Information Sharing

Our objective is a written plan that quickly gives all parties the information they need to fairly evaluate the case. Formal discovery tools are used when veracity is an issue; but we prefer letters to interrogatories, and Skype video interviews to depositions. And instead of all sides paying competing experts, we prefer to draft a bullet-point listing of the expert conclusions each side can doubtlessly purchase...if the case must go to trial.

Reality-Based Settlements

Once all clients have evaluated the case, First Court mediators find out how much the parties differ in their ultimate settlement numbers. If their honest differences are small, the case is closed over the phone, quickly and easily. If their differences are substantial, our mediators use innovative tools to break the impasse. See a sampling of these tools by clicking on the > arrow in the green player below.

A First Court mediation does not center on the mediator. The parties will NOT be left alone for hours at a time. You will NOT spend all day waiting for realistic numbers. Our mediations focus on maximizing your ability to communicate clearly and constructively with the other side. We do everything humanly possible to see that you walk away with a closed file - not another date for continuing the mediation process!


Our ADR Under $1 Million program is billed on a time and expense basis. You will receive an estimate of the expected charges after our first conversation with the parties.