Jurors participating in a First Court Live Deliberation from their homes

Make More Money with Live Deliberations

How much work is your research firm losing because you don't have a package that matches your client's budget? As a reseller of First Court's Live Deliberations service you can win proposals you would have otherwise lost. With an entry level cost of $2,995 and an MSRP of $12,500, you can be assured that you will have a lot of opportunity to earn a comfortable profit in every case!


Better Experience, Better Results

Give your clients an incredible value for their fee. As an affiliate, you have the ability to use the best jury research software in the industry, Vulcan Interactive. And since our service is web based, you save on facility costs. Having a service that jurors can participate online helps widen the juror pool. It also makes it easier for jurors to participate, which minimizes expenses in juror compensation. 

Our goal is for your firm to 
shine in front of your clients.

Your Role

Focus on Managing your clients

Although we are happy to do as much of the trial work as you need, we highly recommend you manage your clients and your case by becoming the trial manager as this is a great marketing opportunity for you! The trial manager gathers case information and content from the client and creates an agenda for the private trial portion of your Live Deliberation.

The trial manager is also responsible for running the trial which includes speaking into a live camera. There are several ways this can be done. For a more economical solution you can use a First Court approved high definition web cam for less than $100. You can rent or purchase our mobile recording studio (includes green screen and lighting), or you can fly to our studios in North Dakota (not included in the pricing below).

The Live Deliberation Process

An Online Trial, an on site Deliberation, All Streamed LIVE

First Court production room

As soon as a private trial date is set, jurors are recruited and come into our system via our website. We usually select about 15 percent more jurors than promised in case a few jurors may not be able to finish the trial (for various reasons). Once a jury is picked we send all jurors an email link which includes a training video to get jurors ready for the trial.

Usually a week before our research date the trial manager sends all content to be presented during the trial to the First Court tech team. At this time First Court would be able to do any training you require with you or your clients.

Day 1 - Two Hour Online Trial  (additional hours available)
We usually set the start time for our two hour trial at 6pm local time to allow for working jurors to get home. Before the trial starts First Court gets online and interacts with the jurors, preparing them for the trial over video. Jurors can interact with the host via chat. This warm up time gives jurors a feel for how the trial will progress and helps them test their system before starting.

At 6pm local time, the trial starts and you (or our trial manager as you prefer) will present the basic facts of the case and the agenda. Lawyers, or you as trial manager, may perhaps give openings, closings, exam witnesses, read testimony and show exhibits. All of this content is streamed in live and real-time giving the trial a sense of real urgency, legitimacy and theater. 

While jurors listen and watch the trial unfold, they are required to write a comment about what they are hearing, at once every two minutes. This gives you and your clients live, instant feedback of what the jurors are experiencing. Between presentations, we ask jurors questions about the presentations as well. Again, all of this is in real-time. See Vulcan for more details.

After the trial, we select jurors who will attend the on-site deliberation and contact them immediately via both email and phone.

Live or taped openings

Select video clips of the witness

Live or taped closings


Day 2 - On-site Deliberation
Our jurors meet at a local video conferencing facility typically the day after the online trial, from 3-5pm. During this time the jurors deliberate face-to-face based on the information presented to them during the trial. This time is mostly uninterrupted and the video is streamed live online where clients and trial manager can discuss.

Vulcan Interactive

Now, the best live jury research software in the industry is available for your research firm.


  • Excellent Comprehension of Feedback
    The instantaneous nature of our feedback system improves your comprehension (quality and quantity) of the feedback. Coupled with our live-updating Plaintiff/Defense leaning scoring system, Vulcan gives your team great context to juror comments.
  • Detailed Feedback
    Because our jurors respond to questions with a keyboard and not just a mouse, your clients get feedback from jurors in their own words instead of simply a forced "yes" or "no".
  • Engaged Jurors
    Our live deliberation process allows jurors to take notes during the trial presentations. Not only are they allowed, but they are required and rewarded for taking notes. Vulcan tracks and reports inactive jurors so First Court staff can make sure they get back on task.
  • Untainted, Unique Feedback
    Because we do not allow for a group juror discussion before our deliberations, your jurors give you their own thoughts during the case instead of just saying "I agree what he said". Jurors develop their own thoughts just as they would in a real case.
  • Improve Your Firm's Brand
    Your firm is branded on our software.
  • Collaborate with your team
    Not only can you see notes that jurors take during presentations, you can comment on them privately, between team members, in a Facebook style formatting, during cases. You and your clients can also address critical issues during the trial.
  • Market to Your Clients
    Vulcan's chat feature allows you to stay in constant communication with your clients during the trial.



Truly A no-brainer. Put Us in your proposals, get more work.

Don't get outbid! The next time you put together a proposal, put our professional yet economical alternative to your traditional research in too.

We've tried to make our cost structure as flexible as possible, allowing you to only pay for things you need. 

Basic Recruiter Case-Prep Full
Trial Production X X X X
Deliberation Facility Fees X X X X
Juror & Client Testing X X X X
Automated Reports X X X X
High-Def Video Recording X X X X
Dry-Run Practices X X X X
Co-Branding X X X X
Technical Support X X X X
Juror Fees and Recruiting X X X
Case Preparation Service X X
First Court Moderator X
Total Cost $2,995 $7,995 $8,995 $9,995

Trial Production
Our staff is available an hour before the trial, making sure jurors are tested and ready to go.

Deliberation Facility Fees
We arrange for and pay for a facility for conducting the second day of the live deliberation process.

Juror & Client Testing
We test your computer and connections to make sure everyone is ready for the trial.

Automated Reports
Within 24 hours you will receive a report of all trial data.

High Definition Video Recording
In 36 hours you will receive all trial video.

Dry-Run Practices
We connect with everyone who will be presenting days before the trial to make sure there aren't any technical issues.

We add your logo to our Vulcan Software for your clients to see

Technical Support
Our staff is available every day to help with the jury recruiting process to support issues with and to support any of the software that your team is using.

Additional Services Available

Professional Video Work - $130/hr

Case Preparation - Please Call

(optional) Juror Fees & Recruiting
First Court advertises for jurors, guides them in the signup process on, and pays jurors (including referral fees, awards during the trial to keep jurors motivated, and compensation for being selected).

(optional) Case Preparation Service
First Court takes on the role of working with your clients to develop an agenda, guide clients through the Live Deliberation process, and facilitate the transfer of materials to the First Court tech team.

(optional) First Court Moderator on Camera
First Court staff will be on camera in professional attire (representing your firm as you request). First Court will follow the written agenda and conduct the trial without any assistance required from you during the trial.