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The demands of work often push me far away from the people I care about, the people I am working so hard for in the first place. The older I get the less acceptable this becomes.

One of my goals for the summer is to find quick and fun ways to stay in touch with the people I care about the most. As I come up with ideas that work particularly well, I'd like to share them with my hyper-busy friends.

To do that I just created "NOT too busy," a blog for hyper-busy professionals who want to stay better connected with their peeps: Spouses, Friends, Kids & Siblings I'm aiming for two or three posts per month. No cost or obligation to get a notice when a new idea is posted.

Each idea will take less than two minutes to implement. The goal is to strengthen one key relationship every work day.

If you would like a notice when I post a new idea, please sign up here:

Liff kids and grandkids replacing corral post 

Liff kids and grandkids replacing corral post 

Note:  This information will be kept confidential.  I will not disclose your information to anyone else, for any reason.
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