Company Sites

These are the web properties owned and operated by First Court.


  • Juror, team, facility, and case organization
  • Case reports
  • Sync case/team between sugar/vulcan
  • JR Trial Builder


  • Juror Registration

sugar CRM

  • Old CRM
  • Create contacts to sync with sugar (add to case/party)
  • Case/party creation

vulcan - Master Pro

  • Research trial administration - master/archival server

Vulcan - Webdelibs

  • Research trial administration - live/active server


Settlement Testing (Live)

  • Live site for case submission and settlement testing

JR Storyboard

  • Storyboard view for JuryReactions presentations

ST Automated Demo

  • Automated Demo for Settlement Testing

Juror Video Answers

  • Juror responses to JR video questions

Third-Party Services

These are the external services First Court relies on for day-to-day operations.

Adobe Creative Cloud for media creation and editing

  • Photoshop for images
  • Premiere Pro for video
  • Acrobat DC for PDF (signing and editing)


Google Drive

Online storage for all shared company files. We also use:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Calendar
  • Gmail (mailserver for



Open source video compression/transcoding



Current CRM and sales tracker

Job posting service for juror recruiting


Microsoft Office 365

Suite of office products, First Court primarily uses:

  • Powerpoint
  • Word
  • Excel




    First Court domain name registrar and DNS service


    Open Broadcaster Software

    Open source video recording and live streaming production environment

    • Used for producing/streaming/recording PJTs


    Accounting software


    Cloud hosting for First Court's servers:

    • master-pro
    • master-test
    • source
    • webdelibs
    • wowza.webdelibs


    Create and share screen recordings



    Join the call:
    Optional dial in number: 701-353-8617
    No PIN needed

    Automated Webinar service for Trial Runner


    Online meeting and videoconferencing service

    First Court persistent meeting room:

    • H.323/SIP IP:
    • Meeting ID: 492-751-1968
    • Key (do not give out): 017001

      First Court Process Documents & How-Tos

      Equipment Standards & Practices

      PTO Tracker & Policies

      RFP for PJT (draft)

      Tech Director Responsibilities

      Trial Manager Responsibilities

      To print background questions and jurors:

      Prepare ->Jury Selection -> Print Questions:

      Prepare->Your Jurors->Print (button on right side):


      Design Elements


      Font stacks are in order of preference based on availability.


      Headers, titles, signatures, media:

      Century Gothic, Futura PT, Didact Gothic, Questrial, Muli

      • Regular for most text, bold to delineate names, italics for localized sub-headers


      Sub-headers, body text:

      Proxima Nova, Lucinda Grande, Tahoma



      Helvetica Neue, Roboto


      Stylized Serif, quotes:

      Adobe Garamond Pro, Georgia




      Feel free to download and use, or copy the address to link directly from here:




      Navy Blue: #0c2657

      RGB: 12 38 87

      Yellow: #fcdb00

      RGB: 252 219 0

      Gold: #d9b700

      RGB: 217 183 0

      Light Blue: #0033FF

      RGB: 0 51 255

      Dark Grey: #333333

      RGB: 51 51 51

      Grey: #999999

      RGB: 153 153 153