Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is First Court still doing jury research?

A: Absolutely. We continue to push the envelope, to improve all items on our Jury Research menu, with the same goal of offering better services at less cost. The Open Doors policy allows our best research clients a generous credit to reduce their cost of future jury research projects.


Q: What if I do not want to join Open Doors?

A: You pay the Public rate for our services. You forego any award credits for the cases we work up for you.


Q: Do I have any obligation to use First Court services, aside from making my Intro Video and telling opposing negotiators about the Open Doors program?

A: No. You determine what services, if any, you want to use on a case-by-case basis.


Q: What if my opposing Negotiators do not want to join Open Doors?

A: They pay the Public rate for our services.


Q: What can I expect in my monthly brainstorming call with First Court?

A: We will follow your lead. The idea is to give you ideas for advancing the ball on your toughest cases. We may simply brainstorm and "think out loud." We may show you a new tool we have created to resolve or evaluate cases. The format is open and flexible.


Q: How will First Court know whether I am informing opposing negotiators about Open Doors?

A: Sadly, we cannot hack your email account to verify compliance. This is an honor system.


Q: How long do I have to use my First Court credits?

A: Twelve months from the date they were awarded to you.


Q: May I transfer my First Court credits to a colleague or friend?

A: Yes.


Q: May I redo my Intro Video? Is there a charge?

A: Yes, you may redo your Intro Video. There is no charge.