Careers: Jury Recruiter


Job Description

A First Court juror recruiter is a very rewarding position at First Court. Here are some benefits:

  • Rewarding- An opportunity to hire people!
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Work some hours from home

What kind of people work at First Court?

  • Aggressive
  • Innovative
  • Communicative
  • Respectful

As a jury recruiter for First Court, you are responsible for advertising for potential jurors to register on our website. You will then interview and recommend a group of jurors that fits the demographics and needs for place where we are conducting the jury research. The jurors you recruit will listen to the facts and arguments in a real lawsuit (either online or in-person) and will be well compensated for their time. You will have discretion to find these jurors in the best and most efficient ways you can using the tools First Court provides. 

Good people skills and ability to meet sometimes tight deadlines are a must.

Key Results to be Achieved

  1. Communicate fully with First Court's Director of Jury Recruiting and Director of Research on dates, timing, juror requirements and status updates for all First Court cases involving jurors

  2. Analyze venue and recommend demographic targets to Research Director within two business days of case submission to First Court

  3. Place appropriate advertising for jurors

  4. Communicate with jurors and potential jurors in a positive and professional manner

  5. Learn First Court's recruiting software

  6. Recommend jurors on each case ten days prior to trial, including juror background information

  7. Seek feedback and 90% referral rate from jurors recommending others to be a First Court juror


The Jury Recruiting Department is allocated $25/head for every juror who actually serves, plus pre-trial incentives and referral fees as approved on a case-by-case basis by Research Director.

Founded in 1989, First Court has recently been growing rapidly and now has an office in Denver. The successful applicant may have the ability to further their career within First Court with future opportunities and roles.