We settle most of our cases before trial, research is a waste.

We hear that a lot. And it makes sense when you are looking at $25,000+ for a traditional research event. But this results in two problems JuryReactions addresses.

            1. You are flying blind without research.  

When you have a case that could settle for $1 million, but you settled for $100 k. Or you think damages warrant $500 k but a jury would not side with your client.  These are two scenarios where JuryReactions is the quickest and most affordable way to get real settlement figures from representative jurors and maybe that first offer is really best, or is it the worst?  

            2. New trial lawyers, don't get experience arguing a case in front of a jury.

JuryReactions is a great way for them to make closing arguments to jurors, and see how the jury responds to their line of argument.  And for $5,500 you couldn't ask for a better tool since it can be used multiple times, with different approaches, for a minimum of cost.