I only do mediation/arbitration, I am an outside consultant for a corporation.                   

Have I got great news for you! Some of our services are Very helpful in meditations and arbitration. Our Settlement testing is an innovative tool to help settle disputes even over large settlement gaps in just 18 minutes. See the video below for a description.

Jury Reactions is also a valuable tool to determine your best approach to a fair settlement. It costs a fraction of the cost of traditional research, and you can come away with a quick turnaround with reasonable expectations for liability. 

Settlement Testing overview

Settlement Testing™ (patent pending) is an easy and inexpensive settlement tool that works well for larger and smaller cases. It allows both sides to SAFELY see how close they are to a settlement, without revealing any numbers. The process takes 18 minutes.

JuryReactions overview

JuryReactions is the quickest  most affordable way to get valid juror feedback, and prepare for mediations..