Learning Our System

In a one-hour webinar First Court can show the people in your organization some of our workhorse tools for resolving disputes without litigation. We can handle up to 12 participants at a time. Each participant needs an individual computer connected to the internet.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  1. How to effectively broach the topic of avoiding litigation with the other side
  2. Initial conference call
  3. Information Sharing Tool: Written questions and emails - instead of the interrogatories
  4. Information Sharing Tool: Authorizations
  5. Information Sharing Tool: Interviews - instead of depositions
  6. Information Sharing Tool: Projected Experts - instead of expensive ones
  7. What to do with liars and the unhinged
  8. What's the real gap? Settlement Testing
  9. Closing Tool: Friend's Evaluation
  10. Closing Tool: JuryReactions
  11. Closing Tool: Live Deliberation
  12. Closing Tool: Settlement Trial

There is no charge for the webinar. Within a year of the seminar, participants are asked to propose the First Court system for avoiding litigation in at least five cases, and to let First Court know how the other side reacted to each of the five proposals.