The benefits of full-scale jury research without full-scale jury research costs.

Live Deliberations 

Many of today's litigators find real decision-making value in jury research and would like to use it on all of their significant cases. But, high costs tend to restrict jury restrict jury research to a few cases involving astronomically high stakes.

That cost barrier has now been broken. Live Deliberations provide most of the benefits of a full-scale mock trial at a fraction of the cost. At $12,000, our standard fee is less than the cost of many depositions.

More important is the bill your law firm will send you after a Live Deliberations. Using our online tutorial and forms, a law firm can typically complete an entire Live Deliberations project in less than 40 hours.

Phase 1: 2- to 3-hour Online Trial with 18 jurors

Each juror is from your venue and is personally interviewed by phone. You will know lots about their backgrounds.

You make a 20-minute argument for each side of the case to all 18 jurors through our secure web-based software and the jurors provide instant feedback for you.

You then present witnesses for another 40 minutes, while our jurors provide more instant feedback. Finally, the jurors answer questions about the case and provide 18 individual verdicts.


Phase 2: Live Jury Deliberation

One or two days after your Online Trial we hire the three strongest pro-plaintiff jurors and the three strongest pro-defense jurors to come together around a table in at video-conferencing center to deliberate to a verdict. You watch these face-to-face deliberations in real time.

A detailed report summarizing the results of the Live Deliberation and all the feedback from the jurors is usually available within three days.

Live deliberations is a lawyer-friendly service that is valuable precisely because it generates so much intensely human feedback. I will definitely recommend this tool in a lot more cases.
— John C. Donovan—Koeller, Nebeker, Carlson, & Haluck—Irvine, CA
Because of the feedback from our live deliberation, we dramatically changed our assessment of damages in a major case. This saved us a lot of money.
— Steve Storslee—Storslee Law Firm—Bismarck, ND

Features And Benefits

  • Cost: $12,000less than many depositions
  • 18 jurors working with us online, for two and a half hours
  • Detailed written feedback on key issues from 18 jurors
  • Jurors see counsel giving live closing arguments
  • 18 Individual verdicts
  • One face-to-face deliberation lasting up to two hours, where the three strongest plaintiff jurors square off against the three strongest defense jurors.
  • Video and a group verdict from this live deliberation
  • An interactive, online report giving you access to all the deliberations, all the verdicts, all the feedback answers, and all the juror notes.