Clients for Life

We treasure relationships with our clients. When we have the pleasure of working with a smart, open-minded professional, we all benefit. We want to encourage you to remain our client for life, so we have structured our membership program to make our relationship as valuable as possible for you. 

 Membership at First Court gives you access cutting edge research and settlement tools at a cost substantially below our public rates. Membership also gives you powerful ways to build connections with clients, other attorneys, and opposing negotiators. There is no cost, and very little obligation on your part as a member

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4 key benefits

  • JuryReactions - 30% discount

    • Cost-effective, repeatable jury research
  • 1 Hour Mediation - 30% discount

    • Safe, efficient ADR for smart negotiators
  • Virtual Coffee - No cost

    • Easy way to establish a personal connection with opposing negotiators
  • Negotiating network - no cost

    • Increase your referral base and establish position as thought leader

All of the above are available to our members, but you are welcome to only use the tools that are useful for your work. 

Required of Members

  • Reasonable Effort

    • The most important thing members do in exchange for their membership benefits is simple:   they make a reasonable effort to use the above First Court services on all appropriate cases.  This includes introducing us to colleagues and opposing negotiators, as the opportunities to do so arise in the normal course of business.

  • Monthly Call

    • Members schedule one 15-minute call with their First Court Representative each month to discuss potential solutions to their most difficult cases.

  • Aptitude

    • Complete a short tutorial course to learn and confirm that you are comfortable using our tools. 

Want to go deeper? Read our membership whitepaper here

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