Not your typical mock trial 

A First Court Private Jury Trial is our premier jury research service and is appropriate for the most important cases. Our focus is on providing you with high-quality objective feedback from a representative group of jurors from your venue. 

With a Private Jury Trial you can be confident that you will receive truly useful feedback targeted to the issues in your case that are most important to you.

Nobody else even comes close to the astounding usefulness of your feedback.
— Kevin Taylor—Taylor|Anderson—Denver, CO

Sophisticated Technology

Vulcan Interactive Jury Research Technology In Action.jpg

Our Private Jury Trials give jurors safe opportunities to tell us what they honestly think. 

Specifically, we provide each juror and client with a touchscreen computer, then link them together in a courtroom network. Our exclusive software gathers ad hoc feedback from jurors throughout the trial and organizes juror feedback on the critical questions in your case.


With a First Court Private Jury Trial, you get:

  • An abundance of objective feedback on the issues you most care about
  • A dry run through your arguments
  • A chance to see how your key witnesses fare in front of jurors
  • Our exclusive Vulcan jury research software
  • Video recordings of the entire Private Trial
  • An option to participate remotely, saving travel time
  • A detailed report summarizing and analysing the results
  • A guarantee: if you are not satisfied with our work, we will refund your entire fee