Insightful Jury Research

First Court now provides three practical jury research tools—the happy result of working with shrewd American litigators for over 30 years.

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Private Jury Trials

A Private Jury Trial is the best way to fully evaluate a case or prepare for trial.

We hire 18 surrogate jurors from the venue and conduct a full-day mock trial, presenting the evidence and arguments of the case in a trial-like setting. We gather feedback throughout the day using our proprietary software and three separate jury deliberations and verdicts.

First Court Jury Deliberation

Live Deliberations

Eighteen jurors from your trial venue view an online presentation of your case for 1-3 hours and provide detailed feedback through our jury research software.

The next day, the three strongest pro-plaintiff and three strongest pro-defense jurors meet to deliberate to a verdict. You watch these face-to-face deliberations in real time.

First Court Jury Reactions

Jury Reactions®

Easy and cost-effective online jury research. 

Your team submits the key parts of your case including relevant exhibits, documents, testimony, and arguments. We hire 10 local jurors to go through the presentation and provide feedback as they go. They respond to key questions using their webcam, so you can see their faces and hear their voices as they answer.