What is the process for getting help if I have technical problemS?


Refresh your browser

First please simply try "refresh" your browser by clicking the refresh/reload button. This solves a lot of issues.

Any question you have answered in previous screens are already saved. However, you may lose your response on your current screen if you have to refresh.

If you've typed in a lot of information you may want to copy and paste this info somewhere else before refreshing so you don't lose it.


Close and restart the trial

Closing all other tabs, browser windows, and other programs--then restarting your browser and returning to the trial link may resolve your issues.


Try a different browser/device

The system requirements are currently:

Windows 7 and newer
- Chrome (latest version)
- Firefox (latest version)

Android Smartphones
- Chrome (latest version)
- Firefox (latest version)

Apple OS on laptops/desktops is currently NOT supported but some jurors have reported it working on:
- Chrome (latest version)
- Firefox (latest version)

Safari 11  on iPhones/iPads is also NOT supported but reports are that it may work. 


Contact Us

Contact your recruiter


Send a text or call Will Gardner, Director of Software Technology at: 701-388-6171

When are my responses being saved?

Once you respond to a question and go to the next screen, it will immediately save your response for that question.


Do I have to complete the entire trial in one sitting?

Although we highly recommend that you complete the online trial in one sitting so that you will more easily remember the facts of the case, it is possible to work on the trial at different times and on different devices. For example, you could work on it at work on your work PC, work on it on your phone on a train ride home and then finish it on your tablet at home by clicking on the same link. 

However, when you click on the link from your email again, you will be taken back to the first question. You will have to skip over all questions that you have already answered one by one).