An Open Door client is a law firm, carrier, or company with at least three Negotiators who have each agreed to our Open Door Procedures and completed a one-minute Intro Video.


Open Door clients enjoy their work more, and stress over their cases less. They close cases far faster, often without litigation. And they earn credits to reduce the cost of their future First Court services according to this schedule:


FCt Credit

An idea which we determine significantly improves First Court or helps our clients

Up to $10,000

Private trial with 10-person seminar


Live Deliberation with 10-person seminar


JuryReactions with 10-person seminar


Settlement Testing


* - First Court credits may be transferred to others, and must be redeemed within twelve months of the time they are awarded.


Open Door Procedures

__I agree to participate in a monthly ten-minute brainstorming phone call with First Court focused on ideas for evaluating or resolving my most challenging cases.

__I will help spread the word about Open Doors by informing the parties opposite me on at least 50% of my files that "In an effort to make our civil justice system more civil, I am participating in the Open Doors program at You may view my Intro Video on this site; I would do the same for you should you elect to participate." Or words to this effect.

__I understand that the information shared in all of First Court's settlement procedures is inadmissible. In cases where First Court is acting as an intermediary I agree NOT to subpoena First Court or call anyone from First Court as a witness in any proceeding.


Make Your Intro Video Here

The key to saving time at First Court is simple: a professional relationship with your opposition.

This happens best through an Intro Video. Your video will break the stereotypes inside the brains of the people on the other side. Sharing your Intro Video makes your work more enjoyable...and more productive.

How to Create Your Video

  1. Make sure you have a working webcam and microphone (or phone video camera).
  2. Read the Open Door Procedures above.
  3. Agree by clicking the button below, and you will be taken to the page where you will record your Intro Video.