We combine human nature with innovative technology to diagnose, evaluate, and resolve disputes faster and more economically than traditional mediation. Our methods have been developed in collaboration with the nation's leading law firms and insurance carriers, and have been proven to close the vast majority of the cases to which they are applied.


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In 18 minutes we settled the case. It was astounding. There is really no risk because we never disclosed our numbers. For something that is as inexpensive, efficient, and effective as this was—you have got to try it.
— Jason Cohn—Cohn & Swartzon—Santa Ana, CA

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At a fraction of the cost of traditional mediation, 1 Hour Mediation efficiently resolves disputes by safely shows litigants how close they truly are to a settlement number.


Visual description of our online mediation process

When you ask us to help resolve a dispute, First Court will: 

1) Invite your opponent to negotiate, and offer a quick demo to make sure all parties are comfortable with our approach.

2) Next, schedule a Settlement Testing session. The parties come together for 18 minutes of intense negotiation in our patent pending online, double-blind negotiating platform.

Rather than showing the other side your numbers, our proprietary algorithms compare the numbers from each side, and indicate the size of the remaining gap as a temperature on a thermometer. The warmer the temperature, the closer you are to settlement.

3) Once your 18 minutes of testing are complete, we use the remainder of the hour to host a conference call with both negotiators, facilitated by a First Court neutral. This call can be used to either help negotiate the remaining gap, or to agree on a plan for solving the issues that are preventing a resolution.

(Step by step instructions are available on our Knowledge page)




Both sides gain a critical understanding of how large or small their disagreement is, without compromising their negotiating position by putting a number on the table that the other side can use as leverage. 


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For one flat fee, you can close your file before the trial costs really escalate. Even if there is an impasse, you gain the peace of mind that you are not wasting tens of thousands of dollars preparing for a trial that isn't going to happen. 


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Settlement Testing sessions have a hard countdown of 18 minutes. This ensures that both negotiators cut through the posturing and rapidly test their most conciliatory number, without wasting a minute of valuable time.  

First Court helped get us to a range where we could discuss and settle
— Lee Christie, Esq. - Cline Farrell Christie & Lee - Indianapolis, IN

Choose a side, and start negotiating!

In this scenario, your goal is to settle for $1 million. So if you negotiate as a Plaintiff, start at $2 million, and work your way down. If you negotiate as a Defendant, start a $200,000 and work your way up. You will be very cold at the beginning, but try testing lots of numbers, and watch how the thermometer gets warmer when you and your opponent both have a new number in the system. To start over, simply refresh your page. 


What happens when you enter a number? 

The thermometer simultaneously shows both sides a temperature reading indicating whether the gap between their numbers is large or small, whether your settlement prospects are cold, or warm.   These visual comparisons safely build confidence in your settlement prospects. . . without revealing a single one of your numbers to the other side. You don’t get to see the other side’s number. But you do see how each of YOUR numbers compared to a number from the other side. 

Many plaintiff attorneys have never spoken to the file handler on their case. This lack of human contact  is a barrier to effective negotiations, and our Virtual Coffee call helps to break it down.  First Court finds a time that works for both sides, then schedules a a five minute phone call for you to introduce yourself and get to know a little about each other. 

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