Efficiently Resolve Any Dispute

We combine human nature with innovative technology to diagnose, evaluate, and resolve disputes faster and more economically than traditional mediation. These methods have been developed in collaboration with the nation's leading law firms and insurance carriers, and have been proven to close the vast majority of the cases to which they are applied.

When you ask us to help you resolve a dispute, we will conduct a complimentary case diagnosis. This diagnosis will help you to to open communications with the other side, evaluate how close or far you are from resolution, and to determine the best way to reach a settlement. 


Settlement Testing

At a fraction of the cost of traditional mediation, Settlement Testing safely shows litigants how close they truly are to a settlement number, and efficiently resolves simpler disputes. 



1 Hour Mediation

If a case requires more in-depth mediation efforts, First Court provides full-service online mediation with powerful tools that close cases at a very high rate.



First Court helped get us to a range where we could discuss and settle
— Lee Christie, Esq. - Cline Farrell Christie & Lee - Indianapolis, IN

Virtual coffee


Many plaintiff attorneys have never spoken to the file handler on their case. This lack of human contact  is a barrier to effective negotiations, and our Virtual Coffee call removes it.  Simply get on the phone for five minutes, and introduce yourself to one another and to First Court. We provide this service without cost to help get the conversation started. 


Settlement Case Studies

(Click on each image for details and outcomes)

Unconcious Trucker

June 30, 2017

Auto Accident = Back Surgery?

May 31, 2017

Danger on the Mississippi

May 8, 2017

Misconceptions Collapse Under Brick Wall of Feedback