Expand Your Practice With Our Technology

Problem:   My firm does not offer the online jury research that today’s clients demand
Solution:   Take our proven online research technology … and make it your own

Jurors participating in a First Court Live Deliberation from their homes

Work With Us to Produce Your Own Online Research Format

We know online jury research. Our technology is years ahead of the market. Clients consistently report that our feedback is truly helpful. We have the technology you need to create a first-class online jury research format. 

And we want to share what we have with others.  We would like to be associated with researchers who...

  • are unflinchingly honest
  • are fun to work with
  • will work their heart out to give clients excellent results.

Nobody else even comes close to the astounding usefulness of your feedback.
— Kevin Taylor - Taylor | Anderson - Denver, CO

A Snapshot of Our Technology

Creating a wealth of usable data

The setting is simple.  Jurors participate online, usually from their own home.  You lead the entire research event from your office, which we convert, temporarily, into a video studio that looks like a courtroom.  Jurors can see and hear you in real time. Your clients are with you in your studio, or may participate from  their offices. 

You and your clients receive notes and reactions from your jurors every two minutes. You may ask feedback questions of the jurors whenever you want, in as much detail as you want.  You may ask multiple choice, numeric or essay questions.  You may formulate your feedback questions ahead of time, or spontaneously as the data pours in.  The answers to each question may be designated as Pro-Plaintiff or Pro-Defendant, allowing the software to automatically label each juror as pro-plaintiff or pro-defense as the research session unfolds.
Your clients may send chat messages to one another as they get ideas and react to the juror feedback. The entire research session is spontaneous, data-driven. . . and fun.  

We know from our own experience:  your clients will be truly impressed.


Vulcan Interactive in action. Chat with clients. Watch session video. Read juror responses to essay questions in the context of their Plaintiff Score

Vulcan Interactive

Now, the best live jury research software in the industry is available for your research firm.


  • Excellent Comprehension
    The instantaneous nature of our feedback system improves your comprehension (quality and quantity) of the feedback. Coupled with your live-updating Plaintiff/Defense leaning scoring system, your system gives your team great context to juror comments.
  • Detailed Feedback
    Because our jurors respond to your questions with a keyboard and not just a mouse, your clients get feedback from jurors in their own words instead of simply a forced "yes" or "no".
  • Engaged Jurors
    Your jurors take notes during the trial presentations. Not only are they allowed, but they are required and rewarded for taking notes. We have the ability to track and report inactive jurors so clients know they are paying attention to the case.
  • Untainted, Unique Feedback
    Because we do not allow for a group juror discussion before our deliberations, your jurors give you their own thoughts during the case instead of just saying "I agree with what he said". Jurors develop their own thoughts just as they would in a real case.
  • Improve Your Firm's Brand
    Your firm is branded on our software.
  • Collaborate with your team
    You and your clients may comment on the notes of the jurors. These comments are private, between team members only.

We manage the technology, you manage the feedback

First Court production room


We are willing to consider alternative ways of pricing our technology, depending on your needs. To begin the discussion, please see the following chart of online research services.

Basic Recruiter Case-Prep Full
Live Production X X X X
Juror & Client Testing X X X X
Automated Reports X X X X
High-Def Video Recording X X X X
Dry-Run Practices X X X X
Co-Branding X X X X
Technical Support X X X X
Juror Fees
Juror Recruiting X X X
Preparation Services X X
Facility Fees X
First Court Moderator X
Total Cost $2,995 $7,995 $8,995 $9,995

Live Production
Our staff is available an hour before each session, making sure jurors are tested and ready to go.

Facility Fees
We arrange for and pay for a facility for conducting the second day of the session process.

Juror & Client Testing
We test your computer and connections to make sure everyone is ready for the trial.

Automated Reports
Within 24 hours you will receive a report of all trial data.

High Definition Video Recording
In 36 hours you will receive all trial video.

Dry-Run Practices
We connect with everyone who will be presenting days before the trial to make sure there aren't any technical issues.

We add your logo to our Vulcan Software for your clients to see

Technical Support
Our staff is available every day to help with the jury recruiting process to support issues with PrivateJury.com and to support any of the software that your team is using.

Additional services available as necessary

(optional) Juror Fees
First Court pays jurors including referral fees, awards during the trial to keep jurors motivated, and compensation for being selected. 

·         Juror Fees for 115% of promised Jurors for Trial
·         Juror Fees for 115% of promised Jurors for deliberation
·         PayPal Bonus for each selected juror that elects to use PayPal as their payment method
·         Juror Insight Awards given throughout the trial to keep jurors engaged
·         Referral Fees

(optional) Juror Fees & Recruiting
First Court advertises for jurors, guides them in the signup process on PrivateJury.com. We then conduct phone interviews with each registered juror.

(optional) Case Preparation Service
First Court takes on the role of working with your clients to develop an agenda, guide clients through the Live Deliberation process, and facilitate the transfer of materials to the First Court tech team.

(optional) First Court Moderator on Camera
First Court staff will be on camera in professional attire (representing your firm as you request). First Court will follow the written agenda and conduct the trial without any assistance required from you during the trial.